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Brightening Lives - One Room at a Time

As many of you may already know, the owners of Roof Tech Services, INC, Doug and Esme Guevara, have a special needs son, Joel. His diagnosis has truly made them appreciate the value of life.  


Joel was diagnosed with a rare disorder, KCNQ2, which is a gene involved in the proper functioning of a potassium channel in the brain. KCNQ2 developmental and epileptic encephalopathy causes seizures during infancy and developmental disabilities ranging from mild to severe. Inspired by Joel’s smile and determination, Doug and his wife, Esme, decided that they wanted to find a way to brighten the lives of other special needs children and their families by using LPS expertise to transform bedrooms of special needs children into bright, happy places where they can live and learn.


That is why they launched a very special program in February 2020, Joel’s Creative Touch, especially for the special needs family community here in Loudoun County, VA. Knowing that some children have to spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, this program aims to make those rooms a sanctuary and a happy place for the whole family to hang out!  For every roof replacement, Roof Tech Services, INC will select a qualifying special needs child to receive a free room makeover!

Joel's Creative Touch
Program includes:





How to Participate:

If you would like to nominate your special needs child, please complete the application and someone from Roof Tech Services, INC will be in touch with you soon! Please feel free to forward this page to anyone who might be interested! Doug and Esme are committed to giving back to the community by spreading awareness, unity and hope. We look forward to seeing some BIG smiles!

A very Special Thanks to our sponsor, Evolution Paint in Ashburn, VA!

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Transformation Gallery

Marvel-themed bedroom. We gave Issac’s room a brightening awakening with a new bedroom paint job and light fixture. He has got a new plate cover Spider-Man-themed for his light switch. He will have shelving installed as well to store his collectives. It was great to do this bedroom. As always, another happy JCT contestant!! always so happy to do these transformations for the special needs community!
We transformed Mason’s therapy room! We added a board and batten wall. Added a light fixture to make the space more comfortable and relaxing and new interior painting. It looks amazing! We’re always so happy to do these transformations for the special needs community!
September 2021: It always amazes me what adding some color can do to a bedroom. Jeremy needed a bedroom he enjoyed spending time in. We transformed his closet into a small nook area to make use of the space and for him to have somewhere to escape if needed to self-calm. Mom made sure to make it fun for him with added unique accessories. We added a brand new light fixture. How cool is an aircraft as a light? We also made sure to add our signature accent wall for a bold pop. We still wanted the room to be calming and wanted something he could grow with. The bedroom looks beautifully done! It was a pleasure doing this transformation, and it brought us happiness seeing the smile on J’s face. Thank you to our sponsor, Evolution Paint Company, for providing the paint and supporting a great cause!
August 2021: Jackson needed, most importantly, safety and a more colorful bright room! He loves the bright colors of Avengers, so we made sure to incorporate his likings to his bedroom. We painted a beautiful striped accent wall. We added a particular flush mount ceiling fan, and for safety reasons, we also relocated the TV. We also added Avenger stickers to give more life to the bedroom because stickers are always fun! It was a pleasure meeting Jackson and his family ♥️ Thank you to our sponsor, Evolution Paint Company, for providing the paint and supporting a great cause!
July 2021: Connor is going into middle school, and he was ready for a big kid room! He loves everything that has to do with space. We discussed ideas together and decided to go with a galaxy space-themed bedroom. This bedroom turned out beautiful! The LPS team made a board and batten accent wall. They also added a brand-new light fixture! They did a fantastic fresh paint job, too! Thank you to our sponsor Evolution Paint Company for providing us with paint for this transformation!

Lydia's Room - Lovettsville, VA

May 2021: Lydia’s big girl room ⭐️  We installed a beautiful accent shiplap wall. Added a brand new floral light fixture. We painted walls much lighter to be a less stimulating and calming effect.

Emma's Room - Leesburg, VA

April 2021: We were so excited to brighten up Emma’s playroom with a bright new paint job! Wishing her many happy days!

Leilani's Room - Purcellville, VA

March 2021: We created a beautiful accent wall. We installed a brand new light fixture. We painted the entrance of the bedroom door. Bedroom colors are nice and soothing. We’re so excited we could bring a smile to Leilani’s face.